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Our DIY home renovation plans!

I probably should be posting this on my pregnancy blog, but I am have been really obsessed with renovating everything not just the baby's room. So I thought it was appropriate to put on here. :-p

We plan on redoing our floors in the main part of our home (kitchen, living room, main hallway) in preparation of our little rugrat. We are pulling linoleum, tile, & carpet! Almost everything is pulled up except the rubber tiles. Mike will be doing that since we have to melt the tile up and not scraping it up because of the chance of asbestos in the tile. We plan on staining the concrete! I fell in love with this look when I saw it at one of my good girlfriend's great room. It was amazing! I couldn't believe that the floor was concrete it was just gorgeous. Below is a pic of it from my bridal shower. You can barely see it, but you can tell it was top notch awesomeness! It looks waaaay better in person. Ever since I saw it I always noticed it more in other places. Many upscale …

Boo...I am terrible

The last time I made a post on my regular blog was a month ago when I announced we were preggo! I know....Iam sooooo terrible. I have been keeping up more with my pregnancy blog since I am trying to turn that into a pregnancy journal book after the baby is born. I just have some major blog "block" on what to post here. What do I blog about???? I don't want to blog about baby stuff since I have a separate blog about that. I will figure something out this weekend. I think my creative juices will be coming in once I have a good nights rest. :-)