Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gender Reveal (Martin #2): Let's do it with Paint!

For our gender reveal for baby #2 I wanted to do something a little different of when we revealed Jett's gender at my shower. I had seen a lot of people do balloons, which I think is super cute. I could picture it now Jett chasing after pink or blue balloons. I was going to that, but I wanted something we could keep for a long while. And balloons just deflate :(.

I saw a picture on pinterest (of course) of a couple having a paint fight with the color of the gender for their gender reveal. I thought that was such a super cute idea! How fun is that!?!I thought long and hard how we could use this idea. Then it hit me! We would put the colored paint on a canvas. Less messy & would keep the memory alive like I wanted too. We could even put a phrase or word so it just wasn't a plain pink or blue canvas.

So then my next task was do think of a phrase that I could tape off on the canvas to really capture the moment. We thought of different things, but the one we went with was.... "God Bless The Baby."

This is part of a prayer we have been doing every night with Jett since we found out we were pregnant. We thought this was very appropriate for this pregnancy.

I purchased all my supplies at Hobby Lobby.
  • 16x20 canvas
  • 1 Pink Acrylic Paint
  • 1 Blue Acrylic Paint
  • 2 sets Large Letter Stickers
  • Duct Tape
  • Double sided tape
I first wrapped the outside of the paint tube with colored duct tape (Jett chose red). I wrapped anywhere that we can see the paint color from the tube. I tried to wrap both tubes the same so I wouldn't know which was what when we got it in our hands.

Then I got the large letter stickers and placed them accordingly on the canvas. When I put the first letter on. I found the letter were not sticking on the canvas. So I found my double sided tape I use for scrap booking and used that on each of the letters. It worked perfectly!

The next day was Easter. I had my sister law take the paint & the envelope that had the ultrasound to reveal the gender. Told her to turn her back to us and choose the paint. She would be able to know what it is by slightly squeezing it. I asked her to hand it to Jett and he would squirt it.

Here is how the reveal unfolded......
What will baby #2 be?
Waiting patiently...
BLUE! It's a BOY!

He is super stoked to have a little brother!

Mike added some color to it after everything dried. It looks great! Well I think so. :)