Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Deco Mesh Fall Wreath...let's get crafty!

I haven't blogged a craft post in sooooo long! Before I had Jett and when he had more naps I was able to do more craft projects and do them fairly quickly. Now a simple craft project takes me weeks or I just forget about the project and just let it just sit there for months. Perfect example Jett's first year scrapbook. I am only on month 4 and he is 20 months right now....I know I am terrible.

As we all know Pinterest is like a drug EXTREMELY addicting. I am practically on Pinterest everyday pinning new recipes, activities that J can do, diy stuff, home inspirations, etc. I have a million pins on all these DIY projects I want to do (you can see them here) . Maybe one day I can do half....in my dreams.

I love the fall because that means all the holidays are right around the corner. I love to decorate especially for Christmas. Here in Houston there is a huge Christmas event in November at Reliant Center called the "Nutcracker Market." It is uhmazing! Great place to get some inspiration. They have Christmas decor, food gifts, home decor, kids clothes, etc. It's a lot of fun. Whenever I go they have beautiful ornate wreaths, which cost hundreds of dollars that I couldn't get myself to buy. So when I saw this pin on pinterest from a friends wall I was very motivated to try it out.

I decided I was going to do a test run with a Fall wreath and then do a Christmas wreath after I tried doing this one. I am so glad I did because I know what to and not to do now. Below are the supplies you need.

  • 1 roll of deco mesh ( I bought mine at Hobby Lobby 40% off in the fall section, You can buy it here from TrendyTree.com)
  • 1 work wreath (buy it here from Trendytree.com-I didn't do this, but it will work so much better)
  • 1 wide roll of wired edged ribbon
  • Several picks/sprigs, small pumpkins, etc. (Got mine at Michael's 40% off)
  • Hot glue gun
  • floral wiring (optional)

I had watched several videos on YouTube before attempting the wreath. I didn't take pictures of the whole project I did, but here are the videos I watched that were quite helpful in making my first wreath

Very Helpful Videos

 (I love the things that this blogger (PrettifyYourLife) does on her youtube videos and blog. She does some cute stuff!)

Tips on the Wreath:
  • BUY the work wreath from the website I recommended. I did not do this. I just bought a wired wreath in the floral area at Hobby Lobby then I added some old garland that I cut up. I added them randomly on the wreath. So they were not as secure as I wanted and even and the garland I had was really thick so it was harder for me to tie the mesh and ribbon when I was wrapping it around the wreath. 
  •  You MUST get the wired edge ribbon and get the widest one there is to put around the wreath. It is much easier to shape and work with. I originally just picked up a regular sheer orange ribbon, but it did not form well at all. After trial and error I finally got the ribbon I liked. Needless to say I now after this project tons of fall colored ribbon.
  • When adding the sprigs/picks or embellisments hang your wreath so you can see how it hangs on the wreath. Since it is mesh you might have to hot glue it to several layers of the mesh so it is not dangling off the mesh. I did not glue my sprigs I just inserted & threaded them in the back of the wire wreath and tied them down with some floral wiring. A youtube video I saw recommended pull ties, but it just didn't work with what I had.
Here is the final result of my Fall wreath hanging on our door. I can't wait to make my Christmas wreath!