Saturday, May 14, 2011

DIY: Personalized I guess Rocks

For Easter all of Jett and his cousins on my husband's side were going to take a kids group pictures for their "Grammy". Then afterwards my very talented sister in law with  Traci Robinson Photography was going to take some detail shots of Jett that we didn't get for his newborns since he wasn't really cooperating that day (he was 10 days old and was not happy).

With these details shots I wanted to use some type of prop and then I came across a blog that  a crafty mom made personalized clay robin eggs. I thought this would fit perfect with Easter. So I was on the mission to make these eggs.....

This is her version of the eggs....keep scrolling down for instructions and see my attempt in making these "eggs."

Materials Needed (can be purchased at your local craft store...I got mine at Hobby Lobby_
1. Clay: that you can cook in the oven
2. Individual Alphabet Rubber Stamps
3. Acrylic Paint
4. Paint Brush
5. Foil
6. Cookie Sheet
7. Couple of pieces of paper towel

1.Preheat the oven to the directions of what the clay packet says (200 F)

2. Create a mold using the Aluminum Foil. Mold it into a size of a small egg.
I would make this smaller then the actual plastic egg if you are
 using just 1 packet of clay.

3. Flatten your clay with a rolling pin or a thick drinking glass.
Tip: I used my finger tips to stretch out the clay to make it thinner.

4. Wrap your flatten clay around the foil mold that was created.

5. With your palm of your hands/fingers work & smoothen out the clay around the foil mold. Until there isn't any foil you can see with the visible eye.

6. With your rubber stamps press your individual stamp letters
firmly into the "egg". 

7. Pierce a tiny hole to let out any trapper air inside.

8. Fold a thicker piece of cardstock in a accordian style
(I didn't have any carstock on me so I used some big postcard
 I got in the worked) 

9. Place the eggs in the folds so the bottom part doesn't touch the bottom. This is to prevent a flat part on the "egg"

10. Place the eggs that are in the folded card stock on top of a cookie sheet and bake in oven for 15 minutes

11. Allow the eggs to cool.

12. Take your paint brush and acryclic paint and flick the paint onto the egg
 (do this in an area that you can make a mess).

13. Take your paint brush and fill in the letters. Take your paper towel add a little bit of water. Wipe any excess paint on the letters.

14. Let it all dry and enjoy!
Mine turned out to be more like ROCKS then eggs. HA HA! I don't really care now because
I have been getting alot of compliments on them.

Check out the awesome pics we took with them :-) Such a great prop!

All photos courtsey of Traci Robinson Photography