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DIY: Personalized I guess Rocks

For Easter all of Jett and his cousins on my husband's side were going to take a kids group pictures for their "Grammy". Then afterwards my very talented sister in law with  Traci Robinson Photography was going to take some detail shots of Jett that we didn't get for his newborns since he wasn't really cooperating that day (he was 10 days old and was not happy).

With these details shots I wanted to use some type of prop and then I came across a blog that  a crafty mom made personalized clay robin eggs. I thought this would fit perfect with Easter. So I was on the mission to make these eggs.....

This is her version of the eggs....keep scrolling down for instructions and see my attempt in making these "eggs."

Materials Needed (can be purchased at your local craft store...I got mine at Hobby Lobby_ 1. Clay: that you can cook in the oven 2. Individual Alphabet Rubber Stamps 3. Acrylic Paint 4. Paint Brush 5. Foil 6. Cookie Sheet 7. Couple of pieces of paper towel